TIP Tap Tap is a spin out company developed in the Nimbus Centre to enhance traditional teaching, reduce manual assessment, encourage collaboration and support multi-user interaction within the classroom.

TIP Tap Tap CEO Stephen Collins talks to Silicon Republic about how these interactive school desks could shape the future of the classroom.

“When posed a question by a teacher, a student can give their answer by physically entering it on the desk. Our technology allows all children in the class to participate at once, whereas traditionally one child would be called on to answer a question.  The smart desk also gathers data on the students’ performance, so say a child answers a question every time, but it takes three-times longer to answer that question, that could be indicative of a learning difficulty and it’s impossible to manage that through manual assessment right now,” Collins says.

Read the full interview on Silicon Republic here. For more information on TIP Tap Tap visit their website and follow them on Twitter.