Cyber-Phyisical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) use sensors, electronics, computing and communication to link the physical world, the people in it, and the cyber world of the Internet. CPS technologies power the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Automation and Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Green Energy, e-Health and many other smart applications. The Nimbus Research Centre is at the forefront of CPS technology, which is the main driving force of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Nimbus Centre Focus

At Nimbus, we are committed to delivering real value from our research in Cyber-Physical Systems that will form the basis of future smart products and services. Our CPS research has applications in the Internet of Things, Water Systems, Energy Management, Industry 4.0- smart manufacturing, Smart Cities, Assisted Living, and People Behaviour and Technology Integration.