Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable and Optimised Building Operation – ITOBO

The construction sector in Ireland contributes more than 20% of the Irish GDP while buildings account for approx. 40% of Ireland’s energy usage, contributing to over 30% of CO2 emissions. The goal is to improve asset management while supplementing efforts to fulfil the Kyoto Protocol requirements…Read More

Embedded Networked Sensing – EMNETS

The objectives of the EMNETS project are to develop a flexible, standards compliant (IEEE802.15.4) based protocol stack for wireless sensor networks, to develop a lightweight, flexible middleware layer to support application development in sensor networks, to develop network management protocols for fault and performance management of wireless sensor networks, and to develop evaluation and demonstration tools for the developed technology…Read More


The objective of this project is to specify, design, and validate a data management technology platform that will support integrated energy & environmental management in buildings utilising a combination of wireless sensor network technologies, an integrated data model and data mining methods and technologies…Read More


UbiOne project proposes an IEEE802.11 (WiFi) WLAN-based system called UbiOne for contextual data mining with a focus on user terminal and WiFi RFID tag locating and tracking. The main goal of the project is to prove that the major disadvantages of the poor, strongly environment-dependent location accuracy of existing systems can be overcome by fusing two complementary location techniques…Read More

Networked Embedded Systems – NEMBES

The Networked Embedded Systems (NEMBES) research programme is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research, education, and knowledge transfer programme funded by the Irish Higher Education Authority’s Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) under cycle 4 of the programme. Read More


The project aims a seamless connectivity and inter-working of embedded localisation and communication systems through a new platform – the LocON Platform. To maintain large infrastructures like airports more efficient, flexible, secure and easier is the main impact. Read More