People Behaviour

People Behaviour Research

The People Behaviour & Technology Integration Research Group is an award-winning group of specialist engineers, software developers, behavioural science researchers and UX/UI design strategists based at Nimbus Centre.

The group specialises in the development of next generation cloud-based applications, systems, products and solutions that are specifically designed to encourage citizen engagement and improve urban spaces.

By bringing together a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the engineering, social, and information sciences, we are addressing the challenges of the future where the ever closer integration of technology into almost all areas of life can be used to create many novel and useful applications.

Human Behavioural Science

Our group members work closely together to develop our systems. The interdisciplinary process begins with ground research in human behavioural science and maintains a holistic approach throughout, with each discipline considered equally during all stages of development.

This approach enables the development of innovative systems, based on thorough modelling of people’s behaviour and their interaction with the environment, that encourage people engagement and enhance user experience.

Nimbus Focus

The core objective of the People Behaviour and Technology Integration Group is creating end-to-end solutions in the Cyber-Physical Systems space.

Building on our cloud-based IoT processing environment, in conjunction with our multi-platform front-end user engagement tools, we are developing algorithms based on thorough modelling of people’s behaviour and their interaction with the environment.

The main focus is on how all these components can be integrated into an overall system design and how this integration can be leveraged to facilitate novel applications, for instance, in the energy or smart city management space.

Through directly utilising people’s access and capabilities within their environment and connecting these with IoT deployments integrated into an overall cloud based processing platform, we are able to permeate many previously inaccessible domains and build holistic solutions utilising all available resources.

Nimbus Centre People Behaviour Projects:

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