Project Description


Enhanced Surveillance & Monitoring

Project Summary

The Aeolus platform is a mid-altitude surveillance & monitoring system. The principle behind the Aeolus platform looks at extending the available line of sight. Current monitoring systems fitted to ships can monitor out to 14 Nm. As at that point the curvature of the earth begins to hide objects over the horizon. By increasing the elevation of the monitoring systems the line of sight can be extended resulting in a greater area under surveillance. The Aeolus platform can operate at 300m above the ship which results in an increased visible area of 1,121% compared to existing solutions.

Funding Body

Project Start Date: 01 August 2013
Duration: 48 months

The Aeolus project is funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

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  • Nimbus Centre- Cork Institute of Technology
  • Halpin Centre- National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork Institute of Technology
  • Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre- University of Limerick
  • Irish Defence Forces

Nimbus Centre Role

Nimbus Centre is responsible for the overall management of the project along with all software related work-packages.