Project Description

Clean Stove

Reduced Emission from Solid Fuel Stoves

Project Summary

The Clean Stove is a project aimed at reducing harmful emissions from standard solid fuel burning stoves. The integration of control technology and innovative pollution control techniques allows traditional stove technology to be brought into the 21st century.


More on Project

The home heating sector has seen a significant increase in technological advances in recent years. These advances have primarily been focused on control systems which look to maximise efficiency whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature for inhabitants. The efficiency of solid fuel stoves have improved over recent years but they are still significantly below those fired by gas or oil. The Clean Stove seeks to bring traditional solid fuel burning stoves in line with other domestic heating systems through the clever integration of control technology.

Funding Body

Project Start Date: 01 December 2016
Duration: 18 months

Clean Stove is funded under the Enterprise Ireland commercialisation fund programme.


Nimbus Centre is working closely with Hughes Design and Waterford Stanley.

Nimbus Centre Role

Nimbus Centre is responsible for all stages of the technologies development; software, hardware & project management.

People Involved

Andrew De Juan

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