Project Description


Control and Optimization for Energy Positive Neighbourhoods

Project Summary

COOPERaTE focused on developing an open, scalable neighbourhood service and management platform that integrated local monitoring and control functions with a cloud based service platform for the delivery of innovative energy management, security and other services in order to progress towards energy positive neighbourhoods and achieving 2020 targets. COOPERaTE carried out a substantial validation of the concepts in two validation sites, the Bouygues Challenger campus and the CIT Bishopstown campus.


More on Project

Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of EU CO2 emissions, whilst the transportation sector is responsible for about 30% of the EU CO2 emissions. Achieving energy performance of neighbourhoods, including buildings, transportation systems and other supporting systems, is key to achieving EU Climate & Energy objectives. COOPERate contributed towards improving the energy consumption and holistic performance of buildings and neighbourhood systems through energy-saving and energy-efficiency measures.

Funding Body

Project Start Date: 01 October 2012
Duration: 36 months

euflagThis project received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program under grant agreement no. 600063


  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Embix SAS
  • Bouygues Energies & Services
  • Intel
  • Cork Institute of Technology- Nimbus Centre
  • United Technologies Research Centre
  • University of Manchester

Nimbus Centre Role

Nimbus Centre was primarily involved with validating the COOPERaTE platform on site at Cork Institute of Technology.