Sensor Centric WSN

Project Summary

n-Blocks was created in-house to support consistent embedded hardware/firmware development and knowledge dissemination at Nimbus Centre. It is an embedded/IoT ecosystem with a simple and clearly defined:


  • Mechanical form factor
  • Connector(s)
  • Firmware interfaces & modules

Funding Body

The n-Blocks project is funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

Project Start Date: 01 August 2013

Duration: 48 months

n-Blocks EcoSystem

n-Blocks Eco-SysTem (n-BEST) is an innovative set of end-to-end tools which will be used to underpin a new rapid prototyping, professional services and system integration company for IoT/CPS for use by industry, academia and hobbyists.

More on Project

  • Easy to create new sensor related applications
  • Fully customisable to use case
  • Up to 6 modules (sensor or Radio SOC)
  • No cables

Software Compatibility

Nimbus Role

n-Blocks was created by Nimbus Centre researchers.

Its aim is to:

  • Deliver industrial IoT proof of concept projects
  • Build background IP
  • Reduce development time
  • Re-use hardware/firmware
  • Compatibility with mainstream firmware development platforms
  • Align development with ARM Cortex, Low Power & WSN
  • Synchronize development with IoT trends
  • Build PR

People Involved