Research at the Nimbus Centre

The Nimbus Centre is a recognised international research centre in the areas of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT). Our core application areas include, Sustainable Smart Cities (Water, Energy, Transport), Industry 4.0, Assisted Living and Education. Our mission is to develop technologies that address societal challenges and the needs of industry.

Our team involves researchers, engineers and postgraduate students. We also work closely with other departments within Cork Institute of Technology and with academic and industry partners throughout Ireland, Europe and the US.

Informed learning is an important aspect of Nimbus Centre activity and we involve both undergraduate and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines in our projects.


Core Expertise

Digital Platforms

Architecture design and engineering; Smart systems integration; Open and scalable IoT platform for data integration, visualisation, fusion and distribution.

Future Networks

Lifecycle management for reliable embedded networks; QoX provisioning for reliable, low latency wireless networks (WSN, LPWAN, 4G/5G).

Cyber Secure Systems

Secure digital value chains: Distributed Ledger Technology for secure trusted interaction between "things".Secure Services for IoT-driven control.

Advanced Digital Skills

Educational approaches based on Communities of Practice, Supporting digital transformation through a new education and training framework.

Georgi Nikolov
PhD Researcher

“I have been working at the Nimbus Centre for 2 Years where I have been involved in a large number of European projects which have included more than 50 partners from 12 countries. During this time I have been afforded the opportunity to work with people from Academia as well as Industry. This has helped my research tremendously as I have managed to maintain the relationship between theoretical and practical research. This in turn has helped me focus on developing a research product that will be useful in real world application.

Through Nimbus’s connections I have been able to meet with researchers from across the continent and establish strong contacts, leading to potential cooperation”.

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) use sensors, electronics, computing and communication to link the physical world, the people in it, and the cyber world of the Internet. CPS technologies power the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Automation and Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Green Energy, e-Health and many other smart applications. The Nimbus Research Centre is at the forefront of CPS technology, which is the main driving force of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The Nimbus Research Centre is Ireland’s leading research centre in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). CPS are widely known for their use in the IoT, where physical things are connected to the Internet. Recent technological advances have made available highly integrated, low power, low cost systems for IoT applications. This means we can connect almost anything to the IoT, and projections for the number of connected things range up to 75 billion by 2025.


Research Statistics

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Application Areas

Industry 4.0


Smart Cities


People Behaviour

Assisted Living

National SFI Centre Partnerships

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Nimbus Centre Remit

As a research centre within an Institute of Technology, we have the challenging dual remit to carry out research that is high quality by academic metrics, and also has commercial outcomes for industry. To meet this dual remit, the dedicated Nimbus Technology Gateway  whose staff focus on industry requirements and timelines. Nimbus Gateway acts as the technology transfer route for the outcomes of our academic projects. Through its daily interaction with companies, the gateway also helps to inform our academic research to ensure that it remains relevant to industry needs.


Advisory Board

To ensure that our academic research continues to meet best international standards and remains relevant to industry, Nimbus Centre has an Advisory Board with members from national and European research institutes and companies. The Board meets annually for review and supports us in developing our strategy. We have a separate Industry Advisory Board who review our projects involving Irish companies.


For more information on Education in Nimbus please contact:

Prof. John Barrett, Head of Centre