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Susan is a principal investigator at Nimbus Centre and was awarded a PhD in Electronic Engineering by CIT in 2006.

Her current research interests focus on the Internet of Things & Cyber-Physical Systems, specifically embedded infrastructure management, network virtualisation for large scale next generation networks, service provisioning and Qos, together with the development of communications and middleware platforms for smart city application.

She has been involved in a number of international and national research projects in the area of energy management. From November 1st 2015 she has taken up the position of Scientific Manager for the EU funded H2020 TOPAs project, which investigates the reduction of the gap between predicted and actual energy use across blocks of buildings.

In addition she drives client engagement and support for EU funding acquisition to support the research activities of Nimbus Centre, securing funding from National and EU sources (EI, FP7, H2020).

Her key areas of expertise include: Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Ad Hoc & Vehicular networks, Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems, EU H2020 Research & Innovation Program, & Project Management.