“Working in Nimbus Centre has been really rewarding. It has taught me that work is not only applying what we already know, but trying new things and looking for new ideas. I was fortunate to be part of an incredible group of researchers who were so patient in teaching me new skills, which I went on to use in my final year project.”
Olivia Neila Jimenez, Research Area: Control and Automation Systems
“One of the best assets Nimbus Centre has is its faculty and staff. They do everything in their power to facilitate, encourage and further your learning. Student’s ideas and contributions are openly received and encouraged. Doctoral study in such an environment provides an opportunity to produce independent scholarly work and solve research problems in a systematic and scientific way.”
Jasvinder Singh, Research Area: Software Engineering
“Joining Nimbus Centre was a fantastic opportunity for me as I was surrounded by many other students, postdocs and engineers with expertise in varied fields. This wealth of experience allowed me to learn a lot, and fostered collaboration for my research, with Nimbus Centre’s many research and industry partners. The TEC Gateway offered me the opportunity to work on interesting industry projects, initially part-time and then full-time after graduating. This was a great compliment to my research experience, as it provided me with valuable skills that helped kick-start my career.”
Antony Guinard, Research Area: Wireless Sensor Networks
“Nimbus Centre provided a high-quality study environment with strong links to industry, well-funded facilities, and great people to work with. The combination of basic and applied research while studying at Nimbus Centre greatly enhanced my technical and practical skills which I now apply in my workplace.”
Eoin Mc Gibney, Research Area: Test Development Engineering