The “Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre” (WSSIC) is located at Nimbus Centre, and is a joint venture with Cork City and Cork County Councils. WSSIC is an expert resource in modernizing Ireland’s water infrastructure by developing state-of-the-art water based applications, systems and services.

Nimbus Centre Focus

WSSIC offers technical expertise to companies looking to develop water services or products. WSSIC harnesses cutting-edge technology in water quality monitoring, leakage reporting & repair, waste water management, and remote monitoring, to develop end to end solutions for the water sector.

WSSIC is recognised as a leading international hub for innovation in water-based systems and technologies. Alongside developing more efficient water services and monitoring processes, WSSIC is a catalyst for the creation of new Irish-based enterprise while furthering Ireland’s clean environment agenda. WSSIC engages with key players in the water industry, providing technical guidance in the development of the Irish strategy on water.

Nimbus Centre Water Projects:

Mapping Ireland’s Water Research Infrastructure, Investigating Water Reuse