Nimbus researchers have developed world’s first wireless sensor/actuator network design tool

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Wireless Network Design Tool - Screenshot

Researchers in the Adaptive Wireless Systems Group have developed the world’s first design tool to allow a wide range of technical staff to automatically design wireless sensor/actuator networks for building monitoring and control systems. The design tool is aimed at building systems engineers who typically do not have specific wireless network or radio frequency system design knowledge, which is so far still required to design reliable networks of this type. The design tool can read in AutoCad drawings and interface with an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) building model to extract building information from such models. The tool then takes requirements from users as to where to place sensor/actuator nodes and performs an automatic design of such networks, which also produces a wireless sensor/actuator node deployment schedule. Case studies performed with the tool have demonstrated that even low level technical staff can design reliable indoor wireless networks with the tool and that cost reductions in the order of 50% can be achieved compared to current practice.