Nimbus exhibition at ICT 2013 November 6-8th Vilnius, Lithuania

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SCUBA: Self-organising cooperative and robust building automation

As part of the ICT 2013 exhibition event the EU FP7 SCUBA project ( coordinated by Dr. Dirk Pesch of CIT was presented in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 6-8th. This event offered SCUBA and CIT a unique opportunity to showcase our research, ICT products and innovative creations with over 200 exhibits on show. SCUBA was exhibited under the Industry and business for tomorrow theme where the focus was on Putting the competitiveness of European industry in the centre. “ICT industry”, and “ICT for industry” including manufacturing, new ways of work and new business applications. This includes also the financial sector and provides room for VC, business angels, crowd funding to promote their activities – European Digital agenda


SCUBA targets the development of new or improvement of existing building automation systems to create logically connected intelligent buildings that are safer, more energy efficient and able to adapt to occupant needs. SCUBA offers integrated engineering solutions for robust building automation, specifically tools for requirements engineering, systems design and commissioning with services for flexible & reactive building operation. The SCUBA exhibit demonstrated the SCUBA tool chain in practice. These tools are used to support formal approaches to the engineering, design, configuration and management of building automation systems. There are a number of challenges that arise across the lifecycle of building automation systems that the tool chain aims to address and how these are addressed within the context of SCUBA was showcased by the exhibit.

The interest shown in the project was excellent with great exposure to many thousands of visitors at the exhibition.

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