IECON Tutorial session : November 10-13th Vienna

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SCUBA, as part of the 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, focusing on industrial and manufacturing theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence (IECON 2013) gave a tutorial session on:

Tools, Services and Engineering methodologies for Robust, Adaptive, Self-organising and Cooperating Monitoring and Control Systems directed by the SCUBA scientific and technical manager Dr. Suzanne Lesecq (CEA, Grenoble, France) and including presentations and demonstration from Dr. Dirk Pesch and Dr. Alan McGibney from CIT.

The tutorial provided an overview of requirements expressed by the stakeholder community in the Building Automation domain. The FP7 SCUBA project aims to address the key stakeholder requirements by the development of an integrated tool chain covering the complete system workflow (design and operation). A Systematic Engineering tool that facilitates the specification of site-specific system requirements and the application of a multi-objective optimisation methodology to automate device selection has been developed. Based on this information a Wireless Deployment Planning tool supports the user in defining robust wireless communication links between the devices by automatically optimising the number and position of repeaters and gateway devices. This information is transformed by the Coordination Scheme Editor into commissioning and self-organization rules that are deployed to the coordination middleware. The coordination scheme editor provides a simple user-friendly interface to edit these rules and implement supplementary rules. The Coordination Middleware is responsible for the self-organizing operation of the BAS. This middleware provides an abstraction from the underlying systems, hiding the various technologies deployed over the building. The tool-chain will be exemplified on a pilot site, and the capabilities to create new services from sub-systems cooperation will be demonstrated.


Special Session

As part of IECON 2013, a Special Session on Self-organising, Robust Automation Systems was organised by Joern Ploennigs (IBM), Dirk Pesch (CIT), Suzanne Lesecq (CEA) where Alan McGibney (CIT) presented a paper entitled “A Systematic Engineering Tool chain Approach for Adaptive Building Automation Systems” that showcased the SCUBA integrated tool chain methodology.