€3.9M Mobile App Development Grant

€3.9M Mobile App Development Grant

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A highly interesting presentation on the FIWARE grant program was delivered in Nimbus on 19/1. Details of the presentation are available below.

frontierCities is one of a number of Accelerators that are the ‘gatekeepers’ for distributing €80m of funds under the EUs ‘FIWARE’ programme. This programme aims to develop and deploy mobile apps using the EU-developed Open Source ‘‘FIWARE’, in various economic sectors. frontierCities targets transport & mobility applications; there are 15 other accelerators for covering various sectors including energy, ehealth, elearning, environment, smart cities and many more.

frontierCities will have only 1 call under this programme, with a simple Stage 1 application closing on 16/2/2015. The programme targets SMEs / Startups / App-developers in the transport & mobility area; funding of €50-150k over 12 months is available.

Who should attend: Local Authority personnel with an interest in Smart Cities & Communities; Individuals and Companies with interest in Mobile App development generally, as well as in transport & mobility in particular; relevant Researchers and App developers.

A seminar explaining the Grants & simple application procedure will take place in the Nimbus Centre on Monday 19/1.  To attend please register here.

For additional information follow these links :

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