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Nimbus on Irish Tech News

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Richard Linger, Nimbus’ head of industry & TEC Gateway, talks to Irish Tech News about the ongoing work at the Centre. He discusses a number of topics including Nimbus’ new trialling division Litmus. See excerpt below.

“Being a smart research centre, we are constantly evolving with technological advances. We have recently launched a Trialling Facilities division to the centre called Litmus. Connected technology needs to be tested in a real-life, controlled environment with appropriate infrastructure in place to prove validity and usability.”

“There is a lack of facilities in Ireland in this regard – Nimbus provides a solution with Litmus, a test-bed suite comprising of an energy, water and community test-bed, where all matter of industry and academic projects can be trialled. Litmus is open to the public to develop, test, trial and demonstrate applications, products and services.”

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