Abbey Road studios link up with Nimbus

Abbey Road studios link up with Nimbus

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The world-renowned Abbey Road Studios plan to become a music tech and innovation powerhouse by linking up with Cork Institute of Technology’s Nimbus Centre. Partnering with sound engineer and researcher Dr Derry Fitzgerald, who hopes to secure Enterprise Ireland funding for a clever software innovation he calls “Photoshop for audio”, it aims to make it easier to separate out different sounds on a piece of music and sample, remix and remaster the tracks.

Dr. Fitzgerald has previously worked on remastering songs for The Beach Boys and The Beatles Rock Band computer game.

“A lot of existing audio software lets you edit out frequencies, but it’s very time-consuming. We’re aiming for something more user-friendly, with far more functions. Abbey Road’s engineers have a wealth of experience. They hear things differently and in more detail than normal people do. If we secure some funding it would allow me to have a team of three programmers working with me on this. Our long-term aim would be to spin out a company and start marketing and selling our solution,” he explains.

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