SCUBA ‘Self-Organising, Co-operative and Robust Building Automation’

SCUBA ‘Self-Organising, Co-operative and Robust Building Automation’

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[fusion_text]The Nimbus Centre is working on the SCUBA Project to develop integrated Building Automation Systems (BAS) with interfaces for interoperation between different controls in a building, such as; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control, lighting control, and fire and security applications. SCUBA is creating a novel systematic engineering approach delivered via an integrated design tool chain and an online integration and control framework which will serve overall system wide operation strategies in an efficient manner. This involves the development of an innovative architecture for building system interoperability and cooperation with self-organising, and robust monitoring and control systems for building automation.

Scenario recognition and diagnosis services will make building monitoring and control systems more efficient as they are able to recognize faults and emergency situations and use the self-organising features of the system to adapt, through cooperation, to such situations thus making buildings safer.

SCUBA will develop semantic models for devices, systems and building management applications and will contribute to their standardisation to improve interoperability. SCUBA will provide a proof of concept of this approach by demonstrating how self-organisation will lead to simpler engineering, commissioning, and maintenance and how cooperation among heterogeneous, multi-vendor building monitoring and control systems will make the system more adaptive and robust in real building management applications.

The SCUBA Project is funded under EU FP7 ICT.

The following video demonstrates how the toolchain developed within SCUBA can provide support for tasks commonly faced by facilities managers, system designers and building automation engineering in a real operating environment.

Visit the SCUBA Website for more information

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