How the Nimbus Centre is Leading a Data-Centric Ireland

How the Nimbus Centre is Leading a Data-Centric Ireland

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As Dr Dirk Pesch, head of the Nimbus Centre in Cork sees it, we are in the eye of the perfect storm when it comes to data and our responsible use of what could be the most valuable resource of the 21st century.

Much of the Nimbus Centre’s work revolves around how data is delivered, creating data-driven applications, but the primary focus is IoT. A key aspect of Nimbus’ work involves working with industry to help organisations figure out what efficiencies they can glean from M2M and IoT.

Discussing this with Silicon Republic Pesch says “We need to support companies from the beginning in terms of working with academia. While there is a lot of strong state investment in Ireland in science and Enterprise Ireland has been investing in companies, existing companies are still very conservative about R&D on this side of the Atlantic.”

Read the full article in Silicon Republic here.

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