Nimbus talks to Silicon Valley Global

Nimbus talks to Silicon Valley Global

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Prof. Dirk Pesch, Head of the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology talks to Frank Collins at Silicon Valley Global about the Internet of Things, the invaluable research being carried out at Nimbus and the vital support the Centre provides to innovative start-ups.

So, what exactly is the Internet of Things? “There is no clear or unique definition as such, says Prof. Pesch. Nimbus focuses not only on the Internet of Things space in terms of interfacing the physical world with the Internet, but also closing a feed-back loop, back from the cyber-world to influence the physical world. We look at this synergy and apply it to a broad applications space, and that is something that not many other organisations do. Normally, it’s that they are either looking at the application space or looking at the technology space.

Read the full article in Silicon Valley Global, pages 120-121 here.

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