Driving R&D in Irish firms with Technology Gateways

Driving R&D in Irish firms with Technology Gateways

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Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateway Programme has enabled more than 900 Irish companies to complete 1,800 research and development projects over the past four years.

The programme has seen Enterprise Ireland invest €19.5 million in a nationwide network of 15 industry-focused groupings, called Gateways, based in 11 Institutes of Technology around the country.

Each Gateway has its own specialist focus in areas such as industrial coatings, precision engineering, mobile services, wireless technology, biotechnology, biodiagnostics, light technologies, connected media, applied design and polymer technologies. The TEC Gateway based at the Nimbus Centre specialises in embedded systems and Internet of Things applications.

The Gateways provide expertise and close-to-market technology solutions that enable companies to develop new products, processes and services that will help them grow by exploiting new export market opportunities.

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