E2District workshop at Sustainable Places 2017

E2District workshop at Sustainable Places 2017

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Horizon 2020 project, E2District, is running a workshop at Sustainable Places 2017 to explore the topic of “Energy Efficient Optimised District Heating and Cooling”, Thursday 29th June, 2017 at 14:00–15.30.

What is E2District?

E2District is a Horizon 2020 energy efficiency project comprising a consortium of key stakeholders within the European District Heating & Cooling (DHC) value chain working together with the aim of developing an innovative set of tools for the optimisation of energy efficiency in the DHC industry.

E2District Workshop Overview

District heating and cooling is a promising energy solution for satisfying urban heat and cooling demand and is expected to play an important role in future sustainable energy systems with a potential growth of more than 20% of the European heat market, and with an impact of more than 2.6% reduction of the total European primary energy consumption. To achieve these important targets, significant advancements in key technologies in the areas of smart energy and smart thermal grids are necessary that will make the next generation of district heating and cooling system highly efficient and cost effective. Intelligent optimisation and control is an area that is recognised as a key driver for the efficient, robust and optimal operation of district systems. This workshop will feature presentations relating to the role and activity of each of E2District’s consortium partners who, at an industrial level, represent the whole value chain, from construction to operation to end user, of district heating and cooling systems.

E2District Workshop Aim

The workshop is bringing together key members of the E2District consortium to share their expert opinions and to present invited stakeholders with an overview of the E2District project i.e. the objectives of the project, progress of work packages, summary of project results to date and expected impact of the project. Each partner organisation will present their organisation’s role and activity in E2District to date. In addition, the workshop will provide networking opportunities in the field of district energy systems.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop will be of interest to all stakeholders, professionals and researchers involved in the fields of energy efficiency, district heating and cooling, and energy policy. Organisations presenting include: Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland), Veolia Research and Innovation (France), Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (France), United Technologies Research Center (Ireland), Acciona (Spain).

For more information please email emily.twomey@cit.ie or register here.