Ireland’s most energy efficient beer cooling system

Ireland’s most energy efficient beer cooling system

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[fusion_text]Nimbus Centre client, Kilkenny Cooling, have made 12 short videos documenting the story of the highly successful first year of the award-winning Kilkenny VS beer cooling system developed at Nimbus Centre.

John Smee, of Kilkenny Cooling Systems, came to Nimbus Centre looking to optimise his then current cooling system. Nimbus Centre implemented changes to the product, resulting in higher energy savings and a improved design for the product. This cooler solves one of the most significant issues associated with running all draught beer cooling systems – how to keep the product in the lines cool and fresh during quiet periods without using large amounts of electricity running refrigeration and pumps.

The videos feature commentary from IBEC, the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland, and a selection of very satisfied publicans and hoteliers who have switched to the new VS beer cooling system. Also featured is Nimbus Centre researcher Michael Desmond, who played an integral part in this project.

Watch the full 12 videos here.

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