Nimbus: The Future Starts Here
The Future Starts Here

Nimbus: The Future Starts Here

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Imagine this, three tech novices employed to market technology that they never even knew existed. Let’s give you one example. Have you ever heard the phrase “Internet of Things” ? By 2030, almost everything we see, touch, feel and experience will be in some way connected to the internet.


Professor John Barrett from Nimbus Research Centre articulately explains the concept in the above video for those of us not familiar with the term.

During our first week at Nimbus, we familiarised ourselves with some of their ongoing projects. The variety and scope  is truly unbelievable. The team here at Nimbus gave us a great welcome. They have made us feel comfortable in an area we were not familiar with, and instilled confidence in us and our abilities.  This welcome is extended to everybody who comes into contact with Nimbus Research Centre, which became evident to us when 24 Transition Year (TY) students arrived at Nimbus one morning.


This visit was organised by Cork’s very own CEIA.  The manner in which the students were treated during their visit highlighted for us how Nimbus acknowledges and nurtures talent from all ages, backgrounds and educational levels.

The Nimbus Research Centre supports the IWish STEM Transition Year programme  and the Athena SWAN Charter, both of which are initiatives that encourage female students and professionals to advance in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

As part of the TY’s visit, the students were given a tour of the facility and a chance to meet and engage with researchers and learn about a variety of Nimbus projects. The highlight of the morning was the demonstration given by  Stephen Collins, Nimbus Centre researcher.


We were all mesmerised by how he captivated his audience, which we all know is not an easy task. However, given the  innovation of the product he was demonstrating, it’s easy to see why he was so successful! The passion, pride and knowledge displayed by all the researchers and employees in the Nimbus Research Centre is extraordinary. Be warned, it’s very contagious!

It’s safe to say, Nimbus is a force to be reckoned with. No client is too big or too small, from innovative tech ideas, right through to applied research. We can all agree that technology is not something to be scared of, but embraced.

Having settled into Nimbus life, we can see the infinite amount of opportunities at our fingertips. The Nimbus Research Centre collaborates with a diverse range of industries. This means that by the end of  our six month internship, our experience gained will be vast and varied. During our tenure, we will have worked on both in-house and EU commissioned projects. This is a win, win situation for us, and we feel privileged to be a part of the Nimbus team.

Our mission, as the new marketing team, is to create awareness around the Nimbus Research Centre and the phenomenal, life altering work we do. Let Nimbus open your eyes to a world of endless opportunities. We have, and we haven’t regretted a second of it!

‘This article was jointly written by Aisling O’Connor, Michael Kelleher and Wendy Rohu who recently joined the new Nimbus Research Centre Marketing team and recounts their initial observations of the Nimbus Research Centre during the first couple of weeks in their new roles.’