Manufacturing Operations Management Institute (MOMI) to Host Workshop on Manufacturing Maturity to Improve Performance

Manufacturing Operations Management Institute (MOMI) to Host Workshop on Manufacturing Maturity to Improve Performance

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This one‐day workshop, given by the Manufacturing Operations Management Institute (MOMI), will take place in the Nimbus Research Centre, on the 11th June 2018. Participants will learn about the essentials of the Manufacturing Maturity Model. Maturity is all about processing or manufacturing capabilities. Through practical exercises, the participants get hands‐on experience how to use the model.

The Manufacturing Maturity Model can be used to assess the maturity of (part of) the own organization. With the results of such an assessment, steps can be described to get to a higher maturity and therefore  a better performance. With a higher manufacturing maturity, an organization is better capable to leverage the opportunities that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring potentially.


  • Introductions
  • Background of Maturity Models. History and original design of a capability maturity
    • Exercise 1 ‐ ‘Describe maturity levels’.
  • Manufacturing Maturity Model: The model as described in White Papers 38 and 53 of MESA International will be
  • Assessment using the ISA‐95 based Manufacturing Maturity Model
    • Exercise 2 ‐ ‘Prepare interview’: Prepare an interview focusing on one of the activities from the ISA 95 model to assess its maturity.
    • Exercise 3 ‐ ‘Evaluate result’: For a group of ISA 95 activities the results of an assessment are provided. These are discussed in order to conclude about potential improvements (“What” and “Why”).
  • Define next steps
    • Exercise 4 ‐ ‘Define next steps’: With the results from the previous exercise, next steps are defined to realize the identified improvements (“How”).
  • Observations about other maturity models for manufacturing.
  • Summary and close.


It is recommended to have basic knowledge of the ISA 95 standard, especially its activity model (part 3).

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the theoretical and practical background of Maturity Models and the Manufacturing Maturity Model
  • Explain the importance and use of the Manufacturing Maturity Model for Continuous Improvement.
  • Assess the manufacturing maturity of the own organization
  • Describe first steps to enhance maturity.

For further information or to register for this event please click here.