Nimbus Opens American Office in Mountain View

Nimbus Opens American Office in Mountain View

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Mountainview, California will serve as CIT’s Link between American and Irish Technological Research and Industries

Mountainview, California and Cork, Ireland, July 23rd – Cork Institute of Technology’s (CIT) Nimbus Research Centre is pleased to announce that it is opening an office with SteriTrack Inc. in Mountain View, California. The move is an important step in linking Cork’s technology boom with the expertise of Silicon Valley. Leveraging the power of Silicon Valley will promote exciting new opportunities for Irish Industry, while also assisting American companies looking to enter the European market, and access world class applied-research supports.

Richard Linger, Manager at Nimbus said: “This is a major step toward establishing a link between Silicon Valley and Ireland, and we here at Nimbus want to serve as a contact organization for American businesses to leverage, as they look to expanding on an international scale. We [Nimbus] can provide these companies with applied research and development needs at a reduced cost, relative to US rates, which is why it’s essential we have this office and resources on the ground in California to help make this link work. ” 

Nimbus has proven itself as a powerhouse of technological advancement, through the delivery of over 60 applied technology projects per annum, a team of over 70 and, most recently, events such as its annual Beyond IoT Conference, which has been hailed as Ireland’s largest start-up technology event. The conference’s second year, in January of 2019, was a resounding success, bringing together top technology, commercial, and funding experts alongside the leading minds of Silicon Valley, to offer networking opportunities, explore upcoming trends and ultimately boost the local economy. 

With record-breaking attendance at events such as Beyond IoT, Cork has proven itself as an attractive, technological hub for major international companies. Irish research centres such as the Nimbus offer deep research and innovation expertise which makes it easy to see why Ireland is fast being nicknamed “Silicon Island”. With preparations already well underway for Beyond IoT 3 in January of 2020, Nimbus will continue to bring Cork to the forefront of Technology.

Nimbus’ Mountainview office will provide increased networking potential for American and Irish students and companies, and this move is the first toward building a unified front on the development of new and exciting technologies. Richard Linger added that, “This [opportunity] is possible because of sponsors like SteriTrack, the first company to take this type of step forward with Cork, and it is through relationships like these that we can continue to promote the strength of Cork as a hub for Technology innovation.”


About SteriTrack:

SteriTrack™ is a healthcare information technology company with proven experience in the healthcare industry. The Tractus™ Platform is the only fully integrated hardware and software Universal AIDC technology system which captures medical device UDI data in and out of the sterile field for real-time documentation and inventory management.

The Tractus™ Platform and its patented scanning technology focuses on patient safety by leveraging UDI data in governmental databases, such as GUDID, FDA medical device recall (MDR) database, and Eudamed (once operational) for point-of-use interfacing to ensure medical device safety prior to use or implantation. Tractus™ securely shares utilization information with clients’ EMR, and ERP systems, to provide clear visibility into the procedural care area. Unlike other systems, SteriTrack provides cloud database services and machine-learning capabilities to support post-market surveillance of medical devices for development of patient care best practices and improved patient outcomes.