3D Printing at Nimbus Research Centre

3D Printing at Nimbus Research Centre

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The Age of 3D Printing

3D printing itself is no longer a new technology, but that hasn’t stopped researchers and innovators around the world from coming up with new applications and opportunities. Some experiments with new materials have been driven by sustainability concerns and others are simply the result of imagination and creativity. Others have chosen to invest their time utilizing more traditional materials in new ways. Materials, however, are just the beginning. Researchers have developed new processes that allow the creation of objects that were previously impossible to print and, on a larger scale, new technologies are being tested.

3D Printing at Nimbus Centre 

We have a wide range of economic printing and design capabilities to suit your needs, from Simple Models to complex assemblies. Our high-quality prints have incredible tolerances and resolution, excellent accuracy and surface finish, sharper edges and cleaner lines. We can print your own design files directly or we can offer a design service from concept sketches through to detail design. Our experiences in consumer and medical product design underpin our capabilities.

Projects that use 3D printed prototypes often require integrated electronics and software development services which you can get all in-house with our hardware team of experts. 3D printing services are now available for use with Enterprise Ireland innovation vouchers. 

At Nimbus we use computer-aided design (CAD) with Multi-Physics Simulation software’s to establish a digital and lean development method for 3D-printed prototypes. This allows for shorter development cycles and targeted process setup. CAD modelling, creates 3D-designs, which can be directly evaluated by CFD simulation. This helps visualise any issues regarding the performance of an idea or prototype and can be redefined to create new strategies and solutions in a cost- and time-effective way.

Our approach enables to build and deliver reactor designs incrementally and faster as it can be performed digitally and tailored to specific requirements. The developed design can be produced directly by 3D printing. We now have the ability to go from 3D scanning of an existing object through to the actual 3D printing of it.

Why 3D Print with Nimbus?

Nimbus Centre, have innovated in-house prototyping methods like 3D printing and CNC milling, which allow us to create a prototype right in our own labs.

“One of the main reasons for you to 3d print with us is that you can get a voucher to do it through Enterprise Ireland, which essentially means you can get design assistance and 3d printing virtually for free!”

Whilst many organisations believe that outsourcing prototypes is less expensive than in-house development we see the range of expense for outsourced prototypes runs from several hundred dollars to several thousand for more elaborate projects. This is easily three to five times the cost of developing the same designs in-house, even if our facilities only produce one to two models per month.

Return on investment will also be quick since our designers and developers won’t have to wait for prototypes to return. In addition, there will be savings from reduced manufacturing errors due to having the ability to rapidly print many prototypes in-house.

Work with us

We have several high spec rapid prototyping FDM printers as well as the highly accurate SLA printers which have a superior surface finish and high resolution.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.