Research Positions Available at Nimbus Research Centre

Research Positions Available at Nimbus Research Centre

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The Nimbus Centre is now seeking applications to fill two positions of Post-Doctoral Researcher for a two-year fixed-term period to conduct research in the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for data integrity and automating product release processes. This is to support a project in collaboration with the SFI CONFIRM Centre for Smart Manufacturing and an industry partner.

Reporting to the Nimbus Confirm Investigator, the successful applicants will be responsible for:

Investigating the application of DLT and Smart Contracts to support the automation of quality control and product release processes in the manufacturing sector. The focus will be on reinforcing existing data integrity strategies to improve traceability and data collection procedures. This will include the design and development of a software solution aligned with current industry needs and leveraging state-of-the art digital technologies. The project will involve close collaboration and engagement with relevant stakeholders and the results will be demonstrated and validation against a use case scenario developed in conjunction with the industry partner.

Two Positions:

  • 1 x Researcher
  • 1 x Senior Researcher

2 Year Fixed-Term Contract

The successful applicants for Post-doctoral Researcher will have:


  • a PhD and/or significant relevant research and innovation experience in academia or industry in the group’s area;
  • extensive scientific and/or technical knowledge of software development:
    • data management and integrity strategies
    • distributed architectures and computing
    • edge computing and secure integration
  • demonstratable experience in the design, modelling, and analysis of distributed software systems
  • knowledge and experience with Blockchain and/or Distributed Ledger Technology platforms
  • excellent project management, communication, public presentation, and report/paper writing skills;
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.


  • strong technical and/or scientific publication or consulting report portfolio; and
  • experience in acquiring competitive research/innovation project funding;
  • experience of smart contract development and deployment including software validation and distributed testing

For more information on how to apply click HERE