Beyond IoT 4.0 goes Virtual to promote the Digital Revolution

Beyond IoT 4.0 goes Virtual to promote the Digital Revolution

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The successful Beyond IoT conference is back for its fourth consecutive year. January 2021 sees Beyond IoT going 4.0 with a highly engaging, virtual, conference experience. The world has been forced to rapidly evolve and transform industry digital in order for businesses to survive. Beyond IoT 4.0 will be putting its focus on this digital revolution by bringing together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, SME’s, Start-Ups, and Industry COs, along with a range of award winning key note speakers, to discuss strategic concepts and deep technology insights.

“The importance of moving the conference online is not just for keeping the momentum of Beyond IoT going but also highlighting innovation through doing” says Richard Linger, Nimbus Technology Gateway Manager at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) “the beauty of  a technology conference is that there’s no better way to showcase innovation than bringing the industries many capabilities right into everyone’s homes.”

The Beyond IoT conference deals with both strategic concepts and deep technology insights and prides itself in being able to bring those two dimensions together year after year. Beyond IoT 2020 hosted award winning key note speakers including Dr Sally Eaves, Lauren Knausenberger Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Pentagon, and Ralph Echemendia, cyber security specialist and “Ethical Hacker” to name but a few. For 2021 the major topics to dominate the virtual stage will be how to harness Big Data, how do we keep up with Cybersecurity, the incredible opportunities for innovating using Extended Reality and the growing importance of Tech for Good. Previous years have boasted crowds of 600 attendees from across the globe and going virtual will ensure that many more can be part of the experience.

“Unfortunately 2020 threw a spanner in the works for many organisations leaving many struggling, which is why we want to go ahead with Beyond IoT 4.0. The sole purpose of the conference for 2021 is to ensure we give as many people as possible all the tools necessary to innovate” says Brandon Donnelly, CEO of Stracos.This year offers attendees a refreshing approach to virtual conferencing with two main stages for Industry Europe, Industry Asia, and Research. There will be mixed reality elements, live chats, and more engagement than ever before through workshops hosted by our platinum sponsors, Arrow Electronics and Microsoft for Start-Ups.

CIT’s Nimbus Research Centre, presents Beyond IOT, the rapidly growing global tech conference, for the fourth successive year. The event will take place on Monday, January 25th 2021 Beyond IoT 4.0 , for 2021, will also extend its offering to a limited 6 episode podcast series in the run up to the conference day. The podcast series will offer insights from exceptional industry leaders, highlighting the importance of Technology Research and its ever expanding reach into the business, social, community, and academic worlds.

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