ChatPal – ‘Your Positive Psychology ChatBot’

Ulster University and Cork Institute of Technology develop Mental Health App to support people during COVID-19 and beyond ‘ChatPal- Your Positive Psychology ChatBot’ is a new mental health app designed to support user’s…

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Software Services at Nimbus

Nimbus Technology GatewayThe Nimbus Technology Gateway is one of fifteen Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, providing businesses with innovative software and hardware technical research and development capabilities.We are the largest IoT…

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Hardware at Nimbus – Everything you need to know
Semiconductor electronic circuit board isometric composition with silicon chips and cargo trucks driving on wire tracks vector illustration

Hardware at Nimbus – Everything you need to know

In IoT, hardware and software work together across the IoT Technology sphere. Whilst many would focus on the front end of an application it is clear to say that hardware decisions…

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Supports & Business Response Plan

It’s been an unusual and uncertain time for the entire world with COVID-19. Whilst everyone’s health and safety comes first, it is also a time where a lot of organisations…

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