DLT for Smarter Energy Communities

DigiBlocks leverages the interconnection between the Internet of Things and Distributed Ledger Technology to enable trusted interaction in smart energy communities.

What is DigiBlocks?

DigiBlocks is funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) under their 2018 RD&D Programme, grant agreement number 18/RDD/262. DigiBlocks will provide a suite of tools that provides an integrated innovative solution for district energy management, which considers the interaction and integration between the district buildings, the users/citizens and the wider energy system. The DigiBlocks platform, tools, and pilots considered will illustrate Blockchain’s potential both to upset current business models in the energy sector and to redefine stakeholder positions

DigiBlocks Ambition

DigiBlocks will help facilitate the transformation of the energy sector through digitisation and support the fundamental shift in the energy landscape from a rigid centralised infrastructure towards decentralisation and energy-based communities, motivated in part by the increasing penetration of renewables and need for cities to move towards being positive energy districts.

Extracting Value from Data

To make good decisions you need knowledge, to achive knowledge you need reliable data.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed ledgers provide immutable records of data and interactions between independent entities

Network of Trusted Entities

By being part of a permissioned based Blockchain network enables trusted interaction and shared governance

Novel Applications & Services

DigiBlocks supports the automation of data processes, auditability and interaction between entities

Is Blockchain for you?
Use our decision tool to find out if Blockchain is a suitable option for your application.

DigiBlocks Framework

The research project investigates the application of Blockchain technology to district-scale energy services in order to provide a trusted mechanism for data provenance, traceability and verification.

Secure Integration

Extract data from existing systems through secure connectors


Smart Contracts

Automation of business logic using distributed smart contracts

Data integrity

Data value

Blockchain Network

Use of Blockchain technology to create a network of trusted nodes

Enterprise Applications

Building blocks and API's for distributed energy services

DigiBlocks Architecture

The DigiBlocks architecture will leverage existing reference approaches and architectural patterns that represent some common features of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), this will be further enhanced to incorporate the distributed Blockchain network.

DigiBlocks Architecture

Development Plan

The DigiBlocks platform will be developed in the following stages.

Blockchain Evaluation


  • Decision Model Assessment
  • Blockchain Selection Tool
  • Review Blockchain in Energy
  • Assess Blockchain Platforms
  • Requirements Specification
  • Architecture Definition
  • Benchmarking Approach

DigiBlocks Platform


  • Data Management Plan
  • Consortium Design
  • Governance Structures
  • Concrete Architecture
  • Use Case Requirements
  • Edge Tier Development
  • Platform Tier Development

Energy Services


  • Management Portal
  • Visualisation Tools
  • Smart Contract Design
  • Smart Contract Verification
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Validation
  • Platform Testing

Validation & Demonstration


  • Use Case Specification
  • System Deployment
  • Energy Performance Assessment
  • Display Energy Certification
  • District Level KPIs
  • Evaluation
  • Final Report

DigiBlocks Team

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