About Education

At Nimbus Centre we offer many opportunities for students in ICT, Engineering, Computing, the Built Environment, Energy, Multimedia and related disciplines. If you are interested in our postgraduate, undergraduate or internship opportunities please contact our Head of Academic Studies, Prof. John Barrett.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Full-time, part-time and work-placement postgraduate studies are available at Nimbus Centre. Students from all over the world have carried out their research projects at Nimbus Centre and have graduated to successful careers in academia and industry. Students typically carry out their projects at the applied end of the research spectrum and work on novel approaches and solutions to real-world challenges in the areas of Nimbus Centre research interest. Due to our wide range of research applications, we have students from many different disciplines. We also work with a number of different academic departments from Cork Institute of Technology on co-supervision of students.

Our supervisors have a strong history of research activity and have gained extensive national and international funding and recognition for their work. We are committed to providing a supportive environment for our students by integrating them into a larger research team and into our postgraduate community. As Nimbus Centre carries out research for national and international funding agencies and also directly for industry, students are exposed to a wide range of research activity. Our students have the opportunity to take learning modules and training in both generic research and professional skills and in discipline-specific skills.

Nimbus Centre funded postgraduate scholarships typically pay a monthly stipend and registration fees (subject to funding agency limits). Funded postgraduate opportunities will be advertised and applications should be made in response to specific advertisements.

”Working in the Nimbus Research Centre has been really rewarding. It has taught me that work is not only applying what we already know, but trying new things and looking for new ideas. I was fortunate to be part of an incredible group of researchers who were so patient in teaching me new skills, which I went on to use in my final year project.”

-Research Area: Control and Automation Systems

”One of the best assets the Nimbus Research Centre has is its faculty and staff. They do everything in their power to facilitate, encourage and further your learning. Student’s ideas and contributions are openly received and encouraged. Doctoral study in such an environment provides an opportunity to produce independent scholarly work and solve research problems in a systematic and scientific way.”

Research Area: Software Engineering

”Joining Nimbus was a fantastic opportunity for me as I was surrounded by many other students, postdocs and engineers with expertise in varied fields. This wealth of experience allowed me to learn a lot, and fostered collaboration for my research, with Nimbus Centre’s many research and industry partners. The Gateway offered me the opportunity to work on interesting industry projects, initially part-time and then full-time after graduating. This was a great compliment to my research experience, as it provided me with valuable skills that helped kick-start my career.”

Research Area: Wireless Sensor Networks

”Nimbus Centre provided a high-quality study environment with strong links to industry, well-funded facilities, and great people to work with. The combination of basic and applied research while studying at Nimbus Centre greatly enhanced my technical and practical skills which I now apply in my workplace.”

Research Area: Test Development Engineering

Undergraduate Opportunities

Nimbus Centre provides undergraduate, final year project opportunities, from one to three semesters, for students from Cork Institute of Technology and partner institutes. We have supervised successful projects for students from a range of disciplines who’s project supports Nimbus Centre’s research areas or contributes to exploration of new research topics.

Our students engage with real-life applications of smart technologies and are members of a research team for the duration of their projects. This gives our students the relevant education, experience and teamwork skills to work as part of a large research project. Our students have found that an undergraduate project in Nimbus Centre is a valuable addition to their CV and students frequently return to us for postgraduate study or to work as researchers.


Nimbus Centre operates a highly successful Summer Internship Programme for Irish and Erasmus undergraduate students, where interns experience what it is like to work in a research environment. We provide internships for up to 15 students each year.

Typically, students will spend 3-6 months working on a real research project. An internship at Nimbus Centre is a full-time position and students are treated as a valued member of a research team. Our aim is for students to gain valuable, real world skills under the support of an experienced supervisor. Feedback on our Summer Internship Programme has been highly positive and many of our new interns apply based on recommendations from previous students.

Secondary School

For secondary school students, we encourage Cork Institute of Technology STEM education programmes through presentations on our research and tours of Nimbus Centre for school groups. Each year we assist on selected school projects that focus on the use of smart technologies and that align with our research areas. Nimbus Centre has previously supported BT Young Scientist winners.

Student Vacancies

For information on our postgraduate, undergraduate and internship vacancies please contact our Head of Academic Studies, Prof John Barrett