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Our Extended Reality Innovation lab (XRIL) consists of the latest Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies to support and grow our innovation capacity and service the needs of Industry 4.0. The XRIL is a dedicated, adaptable and immersive environment, covering a range of applications such as: learning, simulation training, measuring operational effectiveness, equipment & facilities maintenance, and safety monitoring, to name just a few.

Nimbus applies Design Thinking as a user-centred research and design methodology.  We take a more collaborative and co-creative approach with our industry clients and research partners. We can creativly explore, design, develop and test the latest advancements which generates an immersive experiences in our XRIL. 

Immersive AR/VR/MR simulation experiences can be custom designed, developed and built by our multidisciplinary team (AR/VR developers, multimedia designers, software developers, systems integrators etc…) based upon requirements gathered from design thinking workshops.  

Key Benefits


The Extended Reality Innovation Lab consists of

Our Lab Setup

Using both the BlackMagic hardware and various Mixed Reality streaming softwares, video feeds from both the Cameras and the VR Machine are fed into the switcher, and composited into a Mixed Reality view.

Trussing System, Green Screen & Lighting Rig

This is a room frame consisting of interconnected structural elements which where motion capture cameras, lighting, microphones, hardware and sensors can be attached to. The trussing system can be reconfigured according to our industry partners needs or depending on each use case. Tracking Systems (Full Motion capture) & Eye Tracking (Integrated within AR/VR Headsets) for the purpose of tracking and recording the 3D movement of people or objects within the VR/AR/MR innovation lab during simulation scenarios.

Our Team

The team consists of UI/UX experts with developers in the AR/VR field as well as mechanical engineers.

Kevin O' Mahony

Research Fellow

Denise Heffernan

Senior Researcher

Sarah Hayes

PhD Student

Michelle O' Keefe

PhD Student

Peter Hayes

Design Intern

Garvan Peck

Design Intern

Robert Buggy


Andrew de Juan


Our Services

With the skill sets and expertise that each of our team members bring to each project, along with our new state-of-the-art facility, we can help companies achieve their goals from start to finish with great efficiency.

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To book a tour or to get more information about the XR Innovation Lab contact our XR Team where we would be happy to discuss your industry innovation needs.

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"With a growing demand for VR/AR applications, Nimbus researchers and Industry partners can creatively explore, design, develop and test the latest advancements in VR/AR technologies within our Extended Reality Innovation Lab".
Kevin O' Mahony
Research Fellow