The Internet of Things

Internet of THings

The Nimbus Research Centre is Ireland’s leading research centre in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). CPS are widely known for their use in the IoT, where physical things are connected to the Internet. Recent technological advances have made available highly integrated, low power, low cost systems for IoT applications. This means we can connect almost anything to the IoT, and projections for the number of connected things range up to 75 billion by 2025.

Energy Management

IoT technologies are used to manage energy generation and consumption, to increase energy efficiency, and reduce energy costs. We are active in national, EU, and industry-funded energy programmes. We have a large-scale energy test-bed for trialling of IoT technologies.

Industry 4.0

IoT technologies are used to increase efficiencies in manufacturing, logistics, transport, and to manage automation and robotics. We are a core member institute of the SFI-funded CONFIRM Research Centre in Smart Manufacturing.

Smart Cities

IoT supports smart utilities, efficient transport networks, environmental management, safety and security. We are active in national, EU and industry-funded Smart City programmes, including the SFI-funded CONNECT Research Centre.

Water Systems

Utilising IoT technologies to reduce waste, energy consumption and water contamination, to facilitate water recovery and reuse, and for flood prevention. The Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre  allows us access to Cork’s water systems for technology trialling.

Assisted Lving

IoT supports active, healthy, and independent living through the development of next generation IoT solutions for citizens.

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