Nimbus Centre Building

The Nimbus Technology Gateway is one of fifteen Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, providing businesses with innovative software and hardware technical research and development capabilities.

Nimbus Technology Gateway

We are the largest IoT applied Research Center in Ireland with approximately 60 full-time researchers and engineers on site. We specialist in Smart technologies, Internet of things, 5G Digital Transformation and Cyber-Physical Systems for the Manufacturing, Energy, Smart Cities and Water sectors. We also provide end-to-end solutions in Ed-tech, Agri-Tech, Security and E-Health. Industry can avail of 30+ IT and Engineering professionals who work extensively with companies who have requirements for technology innovation. 

What our clients have to say

"The work being delivered by the Nimbus Technology Gateway is crucial to the technical roadmap outlined for our commercial viability It has allowed us to build a SAAS model around customs declarations procedures rather than the transaction based models that competitors use. Nimbus have been instrumental in guiding this process."​
Kieran Gleeson
CEO, Freight Station
"The team have been very innovative and the whole experience to date has certainly been worthwhile, amazing value and rewarding. We are currently planning further projects with the Nimbus Technology Gateway for 2019 and beyond"
Brendan Sheppard

Case Studies

The following case studies highlights our clients experiences, the successful implementation of technologies as well as our continued engagement with industry.


There are many supports available to entrepreneurs and startups to large companies expanding their activities. Click below to find out what funding supports are available to you. 

Our Services

The Nimbus Technology Gateway offers end-to-end digital transformations with our high experienced and dedicated development team that delivers innovative solutions


We are providing system and electronics design services from simple to very complex designs and will be able to support you all the way from concept through to production.


We offer Software Consultancy on various levels Of Technology Readiness (TRL), from proof of concept and prototyping to systems ready to go live in production. We undertake stand-alone innovative work or work with technical departments of our partners in joint efforts.


Nimbus provide a wide range of user experience research and design services, where richer creativity and finer precision can be infiltrated into our clients new or existing products or service solutions, therefore given them a competitive advantage.

Mixed Reality

Through the application of design thinking combined with generating immersive experiences in our Mixed Reality Innovation Lab we take a more collaborative and co-creative approach with our industry partners, and provide a broader range of rapid innovation service.

AI & Data Analytics

Nimbus has a unique blend of software engineers, electronics engineers and academic researchers who work in various areas of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. We have had many successful projects in AI domains such as:


Coming Soon

Beyond IoT Conference

Beyond the Internet of Things - How to harness the next ave of Digital technology and Investment. This event brings technology gurus from Silicon Valley and other major Global VCs to Cork.

About the conference

Beyond the Internet of Things – How to harness the next ave of Digital technology and Investment. This event brings technology gurus from Silicon Valley and other major Global VCs to Cork. Itt offers a unique opportunity for multi-nationals, SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and academics to hear what international, battle-tested entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and dedicated researchers expect from the next wave of technology innovation, investment and to learn how their organisations can benefit. 

For more information on Industry in Nimbus please contact:

Richard Linger, Technology Gateway Manager