Digitising District Energy Performance Assessment using Blockchain

Project Summary

DigiBlocks is investigating the application of Blockchain technology to district-scale energy services in order to provide a trusted mechanism for data provenance, traceability and verification. 

DigiBlocks will help facilitate the transformation of the energy sector through digitisation and support the fundamental shift in the energy landscape from a rigid centralised infrastructure towards decentralisation and energy-based communities, motivated in part by the increasing penetration of renewables and need for cities to move towards being positive energy districts.



Main Objectives of Project

The primary objective of the DigiBlocks is to support the transition to positive energy blocks, DigiBlocks is moving beyond the level of individual buildings and blocks of buildings to district-scale and will provide a suite of Blockchain tools and services to provide an innovative solution for district energy management, which considers the interaction and integration between the district buildings, the users/citizens and the wider energy system.

Nimbus Role

Decision support and benchmarking tools for using Blockchain technology in the energy domain.

Couple IoT networks with Distributed Ledger technology to create a governance framework for the interaction and sharing of digital assets.

Proof of concept evaluation of DigiBlocks for District Energy Performance Assessment.


Funding Body

This project has received funding from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland under their 2018 R&D Programme.

Project Start Date: 01 March 2017

Duration: 12 months

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