Investigating Water Reuse

Identifying Water Reuse Strategies and Technologies

Project Summary

Water reuse is the process of converting wastewater into usable water. Water reuse solutions help to increase the water supplies available to a community by using technology to create clean water. This project will investigate the opportunities for Ireland to adopt strategies and technologies to enable a transition towards a more systemic water treatment system in Ireland.


Nimbus Role

The key work packages of this project include:

  1. Literature Review – To identify technology trends, and to investigate progressive countries water reuse strategies and best practices to inform national policy, best practice and developing solutions in an Irish context;
  2. Site Analysis – Identify and analyse key sites across municipal and industrial sectors, which are treating and processing large quantities of wastewater;
  3. Technology Assessment – Investigate current and developing innovative water recycling and reuse technologies, in terms of economic and technical feasibility, and their potential environmental impacts;
  4. Social Science – Gain an in-depth understanding of general public and industry wide perception and behavioural issues around water recycling through comprehensive cross-sectoral stakeholder engagement;
  5. Conclusions & Recommendations – Make evidence based recommendations on how to develop the sector and identify measures required to successfully implement water reuse in the context of the circular economy in Ireland. 

Funding Body

This project has received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland (EPA).


Project Start Date: 01 March 2017

Duration: 12 months