Alex Joyce

Senior Researcher Business Development


Alex’s core role is in Nimbus’ business development.  His strong business sense and finely tuned communication skills continue to build business relationships for Nimbus. Alex has been working in Cork Institute of Technology since 2012.  Having held multiple roles in Nimbus, Alex has gained solid experience in Nimbus’ core business.  Alex holds a B.Sc(Hons.) in Applied Biology with Quality Management and has worked in multinational pharma for over 5 years, he has also had roles as a teacher both at second and third level.  Alex has had a number of online businesses and so has an innate sense of what makes an entrepreneur tick. He traveled extensively in over 30 countries and also speaks fluent Irish, Spanish and bad Portuguese! In recent years, Alex mainly focuses on our software and UX (user experience) portfolio. He is about to complete a postgrad diploma in UX Design from University of Caledonia and since 2013 has quadrupled the revenue coming into Nimbus in UX related projects following a UX course from UX Design Institute.  

Alex continues to develop projects with innovative tech companies and in 2019 is focused on some larger enterprise projects in the areas of Fintech, E-learning and Smart manufacturing.