Christian O' Leary

Senior Researcher


Christian O’Leary is a senior researcher in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Nimbus Research Centre with interests in Machine Learning, Optimisation and Multi-Agent Systems. Working within Nimbus’ software team, he has worked on applications involving Computer Vision, Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Chatbots, Sentiment Analysis and Schedule Optimisation. He has been a Principal Investigator managing some of Nimbus’ Cyber-Security projects and also has experience as a full stack developer working with a range of domains including smart microcontrollers, cloud deployments (AWS, GCP, Azure), desktop applications and web applications.

He has completed a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from CIT (2020) with a thesis on using Capsule Networks for Day-Ahead Electricity Price Forecasting. He also completed a BSc in Computer Science at UCC (2017) with a project on Multi-Agent Communication in a Search Situation. He has previously worked in Johnson Controls (formerly Tyco) as a Software Engineer.

His research interests include: AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Metaheuristics, Decision Analytics, Image Processing, Time Series Modelling, NLP, Multi-Agent Systems, Software Architecture and Design

C. Lynch, C. O’Leary, G. Smith, R. Bain, J. Kehoe, A. Vakaloudis, R. Linger, “A review of open-source machine learning algorithms for twitter text sentiment analysis and image classification”, WCCI 2020, IEEE World Conference on Computational Intelligence, Glasgow, Scotland – Accepted Paper 19-24th July 2020.

C. Lynch, J. Kehoe, R. Bain, F. Zhang, J. Flynn, C. O’Leary, G. Smith, R. Linger, K. Fitzgibbon and F. Feijoo, “SVM-Based Day-Ahead Electricity Price Prediction Model for the Single Electricity Market in Ireland”, ISF 2019, 39th International Symposium on Forecasting, Thessaloniki, Greece, 16 -19th Jun. 2019.