Juan Francisco Martinez

Research Fellow


With more than 15 years of experience in the electronics field and 100+ projects delivered at different levels combining academic research with industrial development and innovation at both, national and international levels.

With a full understanding of the hardware architecture and requirements definition all the way through the implementation and development process, Juan shows a well-defined work methodology in a combine research/industry environment. He is experienced in sensor and transducer design, conditioning, and processing, mainly focused on contactless sensing technologies.

As a researcher, he is especially interested in the development of novel sensing devices, transducers and smart materials within the growing ubiquitous computing environments and the Internet of Things ecosystem around it, including the IIoT and/or Industry 4.0.

As an Industry link, Juan provides with guidance and consultancy services to early stage technology start-ups and already stablished companies willing to explore new revenue streams by extending their product offering with novel technical solutions. With a very practical and user-centric approach, problems are tackled with simplicity and honesty where there is no room for reinventing the wheel by providing over-engineered solutions.

My values as a Researcher

We are honest and ethical, addressing issues openly and directly, demonstrating respect for our colleagues and customers

Doing what we say we will do and taking personal responsibility for achieving results while acknowledging and learning from our mistakes on every R&D project

We encourage innovation and creativity in everything we do by developing prototypes up to a pre-production level which create value for our customers by anticipating and adapting to market needs and trends

With the perfect blend of Software, Hardware and Mechanical engineering, and following a user centric approach, we can design, develop, and implement tailor made solutions in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The word “custom” to us simply means that we will provide you with a solution that perfectly suits your needs and fits within your budget.

The Nimbus Centre Hardware R&D: Team and Capabilities

  • +10 Researchers at Different Levels: Interns/Junior/Senior/Master/PhD
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Team: Telecommunications, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive, Renewable, Biomedical
  • Balanced Industry and Academia Experience
  • Real Applied Research with Strong Contact Network of third-party service providers (certification, manufacturing, etc.).
  • National and International Portfolio of Projects
  • HW Consultancy Services and Technological Product Roadmap definition
  • HW Architecture, Design, Implementation, Programming and Debugging.
  • Design of Experiments and Methodology Definition
  • Characterization, Modelling and Validation of Sensors
  • Reliability Testing
  • Electronics and Mechanical Integration
  • Multi-Physics Simulations
  • IoT Platform Development: Sensing + Network + Power Optimization
  • 3D Printing and CNC Milling