We offer Software Consultancy on various levels Of Technology Readiness (TRL), from proof of concept and prototyping to systems ready to go live in production. We undertake stand-alone innovative work or work with technical departments of our partners in joint efforts.

Enterprise Applications

Nimbus has worked with hundreds of technology companies; established multi nationals, SME’s and start ups, over the years. Our enterprise application team come from all over the world and have worked with a vast range of tools and technologies which allows us to offer industry standard development methodologies and processes to achieve desired cost-effective solutions.

The portfolio projects range in scale from proof of concept, feasibility studies to commercially available products & services. 

Back End Development

Spring Boot, .NET, MEAN and LAMP Stacks, Python.

Front End Development

angular.js, Vue.js, React.JS.

Database Development

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, NoSQL:MongoDB, CouchDB, InfluxDB.

Cloud Development

AWS, GCP, Azure.

Project Delivery

Nimbus offer all elements of project delivery from initiating to planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work. Our aim is to achieve the project goal at the specified time.

Project Managment

Code Repository

Continuous Integration

Solution Design

Our Solution Design includes state of the art algorithms encapsulated in supporting hardware and software solutions. 

We can develop a full technology stack to deliver powered system using our varied in-house expertise. 

IoT Architectures

Serverless Architectures

End-to-End Systems

For more information on projects based on software innovation please contact:

Alex Vakaloudis, Research Fellow