Technology Trialling

Trialling at Nimbus

Located at Nimbus Centre is a trio of test-beds encompassing Energy, Water and Community. Our test-beds are open to the public to develop, test, trial and demonstrate applications, products and services. We support SMEs, multinational corporations, and research bodies in developing and proving new technologies.

The Energy Testbed

The National Sustainable Energy Test-bed is located at Nimbus Centre. This is an energy and power management technology demonstrator, providing access to buildings and infrastructures to trial new control, heating, generation and storage technologies.

Industry can avail of the world-class equipment and a Nimbus support team to carry out research and development in both real life and controlled environments. The energy test-bed is also available to other higher education institutes and researchers through European Commission funded research projects.

Past clients have included: UTRC, Eurotech, Exergen, Schneider Electric, Intel and GE

Water Testbed

The Water Test-bed is a joint venture between Nimbus Centre, Irish Water, Cork City Council and Cork County Council.

Our facilities give industry and academic partners unique site access to water infrastructure across County Cork, including raw water storage, portable water treatment plants, water networks, waste water treatment plants and industrial waste water treatment relevant to food and pharmaceutical industries. The water test-bed uses state of the art technologies in water quality monitoring, leakage reporting and repair, remote monitoring and more.

We have a proven track record of successful academic and industry projects with over 200 multinational corporations and SMEs. We engage with key players in the water industry, resulting in pioneering water technologies being used nationally and internationally.

Community Testbed

The Community Testbed provides infrastructure and citizen partnership to conduct trials ensuring that end products are user-friendly and ready for commercialisation.

A regional community with access to high-performance broadband facilities is supporting the test-bed, trialling applications/ products and providing feedback. Access to this community of key stakeholders is available to both industry and academia, providing a ‘Small Smart City’ to use for product trials, demonstrations and piloting.

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